Our Staff

Teaching Staff

Mrs S Sadler

Executive Head

Mrs A Bailey

Head of School

Mrs French-Gray


Miss L Richardson Year 6 
Mrs M Beck Nest Teacher
Mrs S Hurst Year 5
Mrs S Macdonald   Year 4
Mrs R Palmer  Year 3
Mrs C Llewellyn Year 3
Mrs V Chapman Year 2
Miss E Foster Year 1
Miss R Bridge EYFS
Mrs J Parker

The Nest Lead Teacher

Miss M Williams The Nest Lead Teacher
Mrs P Scott Pre – School Manager
Miss J Boot
Class Teacher
Miss Wallace

                                                                                 Pre – School Assistant

Support Staff

Mrs K Bartram TA/ELSA
Miss M Hall Captain’s Nest HLTA
Miss J Beck Captain’s Nest TA
Mrs A Caunt TA / HLTA
Mrs S Dargue TA / HLTA
Mrs J Oram TA / HLTA
Mrs S Potter TA
Mr T Fox LSA
Miss C Lawrence LSA
Miss T Hill LSA
Mr R Davenport LSA
Miss K Taylor The Nest LSA
Mrs C Walkley LSA
Mrs K Sarna LSA
Mrs Green LSA
Mrs P Bosworth


Mr Turbayne WAC Manager
Miss Halliday WAC Assistant
Miss M Brooks Captains Nest TA
Ms J Coombe Office Manager
Miss A Elphick Office Assistant
Mr J Scott Premises Officer
Sarah Lynch Cleaner
Sue Wilkinson Cleaner
Mrs K TaylorLunchtime Manager
Mrs S Parker Midday Supervisor
Mr E ChandlerICT Technician